Desde la Republica Checa llega el primer fichaje para la próxima temporada.

Jan Raus, también conocido como Honza, es un línea ofensivo que destaca por su polivalencia ya que puede jugar en cualquier posición en la línea. Llega a Pioners desde los campeones de Francia de los Black Panthers Thonon con los que jugó la temporada pasada. Con un tamaño de 187cm y 140 kg Honza se incorporará desde el primer mini-camp en Octubre para reforzar una línea ofensiva en la que la directiva, después del fichaje de Artie Rowell,  está apostando mucho este año.

Hemos tenido la oportunidad de hacerle una pequeña entrevista.

Welcome to the Pioners family Honza, why you decide to play here having a lot of offer from all over Europe?

The decision making of choosing the right team for the next season is always hard and I have always had the luck to choose a team where I was treated like a family member. So the number one thing that helped me during the process was the fact that I know the Pioners HC Mr. Iaccarino for a couple of years now, we have traveled and worked together on couple of football projects and he has always treated me like one of his beautiful sons. I have nothing but a huge respect for him and I am really glad that he reached out to me and invited me to join the team. 

What do you expect from this experience?

I expect a lot of hard work on the field, a bit of fun off the field and nothing less than a Championship trophy at the end of the season. Also to learn as much as possible about the Spanish culture and is beautiful language. 

Tell us about yourself?

I eat, sleep and breathe football. I am playing for 12 years and coaching for 6 years now. During those years I became a 1x Czech junior champion, 3x Czech junior vice-champion and Czech senior champion for 4 consecutive years. In 2019 I played for Prague Black Panthers and ended up loosing to Vienna Vikings in AFL semifinals and in 2020 I signed with Thonon Black Panthers, but our season was ended in Week 4 due to the worldwide pandemic. Apart from that I am a player & junior/female coach for Europe Warriors and member of Czech National football team. I also played in exhibition games against 2D Cavalry Division US Army in 2015 and against North Central College Cardinals in 2019. I have also been to World Women Football Games organized by USA Football for a couple of years and worked with LeCharles Bentley and his Offensive Line Performance. 

Please send a message to our players and fans.

I can promise to all the fans one thing. As an offensive lineman I don’t have any stats to look for, all that matters is if there is a big fat WIN at the end of the game. I will do my best to help my teammates to win every single game that we are going to play in, to protect my teammates so we can stay healthy the whole season and to be a part of the most dominant offensive line that has ever been in Spain. 


Oficially welcome on Board (Vítejte) Honza!!